Reasons To Buy Organic Bamboo Bedding Linens

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Reasons To Buy Organic Bamboo Bedding Linens

(Last Updated On: February 27, 2020)

Organic bamboo fiber beddings like basic bamboo sheet set, bamboo duvet Covers, bamboo sham, bamboo sheet fitted, bamboo comforters, have enjoy increasing popularity, customers love organic bamboo linens, though they are expensive, but definitely worth it when comes to sleeping experience, therefor many luxury hotel have choose these natural, anti-bacterial fabric as prime choices for their luxury hotel linens.

People are still wondering why the bamboo linens are eco-friendly, let’s see how the bamboo grown at the beginning and how it helps our mutual earth home as below

  • No Pesticides Or Fertilizer During Growing Up

Bamboo is known to be the fastest growing plant in the world and is naturally organic. Majority of the bamboo grown in different locations of the world is eco-friendly as it requires no pesticides or fertilizers and needs little water. Currently, bamboo fabric is considered to be the trendiest sustainable fabric in the fashion world. However, it is a debatable topic about how eco-friendly is bamboo fabric?

  • Realease 35% More Oxygen and Prevent Soul Erosion

Bamboo plants are capable of growing up to four feet a day. Moreover, bamboo plant releases 35% more oxygen in the air compared to other trees of the same size. With its fast growth, bamboo matures within seven years. It does not need to be replanted as it has a vast root network that continuously sprouts new shoots. It helps to improve soil condition and prevent soil erosion.

There are as many as 1000 types of bamboo grown in different types of climatic conditions all over the world. Owing to all these facts, growing bamboo is considered sustainable for the environment. Due to the softness, smooth flowing, gentle drape, etc., bamboo fabric has received the status of being eco-fashionable in the fashion world.

Above all we Rosa Home have special love for bamboo bedding linens also, again bamboo bed linen are expensive, still your cozy home and sleeping experience worth it.


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