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Project Description

(Last Updated On: December 31, 2019)
Item Mattress Protector/Pad
Fabric Cotton, poly-cotton, bamboo/Tencel or their blends with cotton
Filling Cotton, polyester, bamboo/Tencel mixed with polyester fiber
Workmanship Elastic bands on 4 corners;

Gusset/pocket hemmed with elastic band all round the edges

Quilting Quilted by single or multi-needle quilting machine according to quilting pattern
Feature Special features for bamboo mattress protector: super absorbent, anti-bacteria, cooler in summer and warmer in winter


Cool Comfortable Hypoallergenic Cotton Mattress Encasement

Removable Mattress Protecor, pad or topper are designed to cover or encase a mattress to protect it from daily wear and tear,shielding it from dust, allergens and spills, Except for basic cotton Mattress protector, Hypoallergenic Bamboo Mattress Protector is highly recommended

  • Maintain a consistent temperature in the microclimate of the bed
  • With added fill and waterproof backing make things easier for children and elders during special time
  • Protect the mattress to extend the life of Mattress as well as self-esteem
  • Add extra layer of comfort
  • Reversible ones allow customer to choose different side in summer an winter

Size for Fitted Style

Twin: 39 in x 72 in (16 in pocket)
Full: 54 in x 74 in (16 in pocket)
Queen: 58 in x 80 in (16 in pocket)
King: 75 in x 82 in (16 in pocket)

Easy Care – Machine washable and dryable